Safety Precautions

1. Do not disassemble or repair the diffuser yourself. Contact your supplier when the unit malfunctions
2. Do not cut, twist or cause any damage to the wire cable deliberately. Avoid placing heavy weights on the diffuser or placing in hot environment
3. Do not use the diffuser if the AC adaptor malfunction or the socket is loose
4. In case of abnormal situation, such as smoke, peculiar odors, noisy or extreme heat present during operation, disconnect immediately and contact your supplier
5. For indoor use only, avoid using in wet places such as bathroom
6. For hygiene season, always drain away remaining water in the tank. Wipe clean before filling with fresh clean water. Essential oil used may cause coloration, wipe away immediately if spilled
7. Refill water with a cup. Do not fill directly under the water tap
8. Do not use the diffuser directly in front of furniture, fabric or the walls
9. Do not use the diffuser directly under the sun, near air conditioner, fan or heater
10. Always place the diffuser on flat and stable surface. Do not place on carpet or cushion
11. Do not use directly in front of other electrical appliances such as TV or computer
12. Do not cover the diffuser when in operation
13. Use only clean and fresh water such as tap water or purified water
14. Do not move or shift the diffuser when in operation
15. Do not touch the diffuser when your hands are wet
16. Keep away from children and pets
17. Only adults with knowledge of the product are suitable to use the diffuser